Sirp was set up in 1980 by spouses Edoardo and Sandra ROVERA and Eng. Carlo SIMONDI with the intent of offering metal cold stamping and processing services. The company is based on the twenty-year experience gained in the sector by Eng. ROVERA.
The headquarters are located in S. Rocco Bernezzo with the construction of a plant having approcimately 500 m2. At the time, Sirp had 4 80-tonne and 200-tonne mechanical presses and various equipment for cutting, welding and assembling. The workforce consisted in one worker, besides the three founding partners.
1983 - Construction of new premises, doubling the existing one with the purchase of new equipment and recruiting 4 workers.
1990 - the company was transformed from a general partnership to a limited liability company. Construction of the third plant covering 1000 m2. The workforce increased with another 5 employees.
1992 - Fulvio Rovera joined the staff.
1993 - purchase of the first combined Trumpf laser.
1994 - Emanuela Rovera joined the staff.
1995 - Plant expansion of approximately 1400 m2. These new spaces were for the warehouse and welding department.
1997 - Installation of the 5-axis "RAPIDO" laser by Prima Industrie.
1998 - Soundproofing of all presses in production (14 machines) and installation of the ABB automatic robotic welding system.
2000 - Installation of the new "platino" laser by Prima Industrie, with a loading and unloading magazine.
2005 - Establishment of the new Coffy Vending business in the coffee pod machines distribution and sales sector.
2007 - Purchase of 3500 m2 of land and construction of a new warehouse covering approximately 1200 m2. The covering is made of metal sheets covered width a photovoltaic film for an overall power of 50 Kwa.
2010 - Replacement of the asbestos covering of existing warehouses with installation of a 150 Kwa photovoltaic system.
2011 - The owners set up Sirp Energia srl with the aim of developing and building new systems for the production of electricity from renewable sources.
2011/12 – installation of 2 ABB robotic welding systems
2014 – installation of a new ABB robotic welding system
2016 – Eng. Simondi sold his shares to the Rovera family. Sandra Garnero was appointed CEO, and in October that same year, Sandra died prematurely. Edoardo Rovera became the sole director.
2017 – Replacement of the 2D laser cutting system with a new Fibre laser system. Installation of a new 400-tonne fully automated servo press
Sirp currently covers an area of 13,000 m2, 5,000 of which is covered, and has 30 employees, produces 3,000,000 pieces a year, 50% of which are exported to 7 European countries.